“There’s real investment in our flexible workforce. That’s why we need to select candidates carefully.”

Manufacturing vehicle parts for clients such as Caterpillar and JCB requires high strength and high precision engineering.

In fact, every component Mitras supplies to the automotive industry is produced according to Lean and Six Sigma quality standards.

This is just one reason why they rely on a different kind of temporary, flexible worker:

“With some complex processes going on Mitras need temporary colleagues with the commitment to develop. In other words, they need people who will give them a return on their training investment."

“The manufacturer spends a lot of time and energy supporting each flexible member of staff. Their commitment to work at least six months after initial training is essential.”

Going the extra mile

It may be a cliché, but people looking to join the supply chain for the automotive sector really do need to go the extra mile.

That’s why we do more to ensure candidates are the right fit. Flexible working may suit them, but they also need the commitment to learn a new skill and put in the time and effort to make the whole deal work.