“Major growth needs a sustainable future.”

Unprecedented growth over the last decade has put massive change into the JD workforce.

It all started so simple with a single store in Bury. But one outlet is now 900 and turnover has doubled from £670m to £1260m in the last four years alone.

Our job with JD started 12 years ago and we’re still hard at work. During this time their distribution network has evolved at a rapid pace, with the transition of people and skills required to deliver the Group’s long-term strategy.

Less risk. More opportunity.

Our focus has been on creating a flexible workforce for JD that is capable of implementing change efficiently and effectively.

With an average of 800 employees working through us at any one time, JD has been able to open and draw down strategically important centres with little negative impact.

During this time our dialogue has been about opportunity and we have helped JD to achieve this through schemes that increase productivity and incentives, and decrease absence and attrition.

JD culture

“The high-performing culture at JD means the organisation needs people who have the right qualities and ambition to progress. This is where Assist’s focus on developing candidates is so important to keep the operation moving and help their temporary workers to excel.”