“John’s attitude to work stands out from everyone."

"He’s so positive, well mannered, has a great team ethic and is always willing to help others. He is happy to work over every time to get the job done, his pick rates are always above the average scan rate…”

With feedback like this, there’s no surprise John became a Super Temp just 14 weeks into his time at Culina.

Faced with redundancy at the end of 2012, he spent three months unemployed before his local job centre put him in touch with us. His previous work managing an agricultural warehouse made him an ideal candidate for Culina, which specialises in food and drink logistics.

“Working at Assist has helped me get back on my feet” he says. “I hope to take an access course this September and working with Assist has allowed me to carry on working with more flexible shift patterns.

“I like the people I work with and there is plenty of work, which is just what I need.

“In return I work hard, try to be flexible around shift patterns and take pride in doing a good job.”

We wish John well for the future.