“The ultimate seasonal business…”

The ability to scale up at a moment’s notice is crucial for Morrisons’ Produce and Manufacturing business.

In the summer months, all it takes is a decent weather forecast for the work leading up to the weekend to double. In other words, food is the ultimate seasonal business and when more stock has to go out of the door, additional teams are needed… fast.

Still fresh after 15 years

Assist has worked with Morrisons since 1998. From Bridgwater in Somerset to Harrogate in North Yorkshire, we provide a flexible workforce of up to 1200 associates. Our teams work in nine locations where all fresh produce, meat and bread is made and prepared for Morrisons’ stores across the UK.

Looking to the future

In recent years, Morrisons has grown through the acquisition of established food suppliers such as Rathbones (bread) and Farmers Boy (meat).

Supporting this growth, Assist has worked closely with central and regional teams to develop and roll out standardised processes. Dedicated to Morrisons, and based on site, our account team has achieved a one-company approach to flexible recruitment that is adhered to throughout the expanding organisation.

“UK manufacturing is a fundamental part of Morrisons’ future business. To make this work effectively, they will need to be able to turn output up and down at a moment’s notice, and this is where Assist can step in to meet demand.”