Our Marketing Executive, Hannah Jepp, caught up with Bryony about her time at Assist before she moved onto her new role. Here is what she had to say:

At Assist Resourcing Group we continue to provide opportunities to young people, helping them gain the necessary skills to prepare them for their chosen career path. For the last three months we provided a recent graduate, Bryony Clapperton, with an opportunity to gain the relevant skills and knowledge through our Marketing and Communications Internship.

How have you found working at ARG?
“I've really enjoyed my time working at Assist, along with all the skills I've gained I've really enjoyed meeting new people and experiencing life in a professional office environment. I feel like being surrounded by positive and creative people has made my time at Assist enjoyable and I'm pleased that I was able to fit into the team so well”

What were your main responsibilities in the role?
“My main responsibilities included looking after the Driving Ambition social media accounts and post scheduling a week in advanced. I was also responsible for undertaking analytics for the social media accounts of Assist and Driving Ambition. Other responsibilities included the creation and development of the Assist Instagram account, creating imagery for Driving Ambition and creating internal communications”

​What have you learnt / how has this helped you for your next role?
“I believe my time at Assist has enabled me to gain all the relevant skills needed to go into a marketing position. It has also given me the confidence in my own ability to work independently. I have learnt so much during my short time at Assist including working with Adobe Creative Cloud, using Google Analytics and I was even able to improve my existing Microsoft Office skills”

Best thing about your experience?
“Gaining skills and becoming employable!”

What are your plans for your future?
“To start my new job and continue to develop the skills I have gained through my internship with Assist. I hope to experience more and learn in the future”

If you can summarise working at ARG in 3 words, what would they be?
“Welcoming, Dynamic, Beneficial”

We would like to thank Bryony for all of her hard work in the role and wish her Good Luck in her new role and for the future!

Assist Resourcing Group are always looking to help change the lives of young people, so if you or anyone you know are looking for an internship in Marketing send a CV to marketing@assist.co.uk.