In one way or another, Tony Rowland has made a career out of quality control.

For nearly 40 years he worked for the Environment Agency, managing flood prevention schemes on the main water ways that run under the centre of Manchester.

Last year, he started working at Mitras in a role that ensures all high-spec body parts leave the plant in perfect condition.

“At the Environment Agency a team of 16 guys reported to me. We spent all day underground in harsh, toxic conditions.

“In my later 50s an early retirement package came up, which I readily took. Then, after a few years playing golf this came up at Mitras through Assist.”

Working on the 6am-2pm shift, Tony repairs any damages or imperfections that have occurred to parts in production the previous evening. On any one day he could be faced with two or three front spoilers, several rear sections, a tray of fog lights and various belly parts that need attention.

“This is perfect for me now and Mitras is a great place to work.

“In return, I appreciate their need to provide the best quality and I do everything I can to make sure everything goes out in pristine condition.”

We wish Tony well for the future.