Ask Paul Barnett what makes a good temporary employee and he talks about, “a direct but diplomatic approach linked to reliability, team work an, above all, honesty.”

Good communication skills also come high on his list – perhaps not surprising given his experience working on contracts in many parts of the world.

“My plans are to return overseas, which I’ve been doing for years,” he explains. “Until then, Assist gives me the opportunity to work here in the UK in a way that will not interfere with my main employment status.

“Basically the time I am not working overseas I can fill up by working for Assist recruitment.”

Nine weeks into his first placement with Morrisons in Bridgwater, Paul talks about the work with a real commitment to the detail:

“The job is to ensure the right products are dispatched to stores across the South of the UK. It is essential that all lorries have the correct amount on board and are on route in accordance with the delivery schedule.

“In addition to this, everyone is responsible for overseeing that the products are in good condition on departure. All sorts of ‘foreign bodies’ can get in there - broken pallets, pens, rubbish – and we must make sure these damaged goods don’t go out.”

Tanza Tottle, Assist’s On Site Contract Manager at Morrisons in Bridgwater, is the first person to recommend Paul and others with the same attitude to work:

“He holds the company in high regard, is well spoken and loyal. He’s had a superb employee record and relationship with the client since starting here.”

We wish Paul well for the future.